Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Michigan Lake and Chimney


  1. that looks like it must be Fermi 2 ... is it?

  2. What type of a camera do you use? I absolutely LOVE your photos! You do have a natural eye I can tell that, yet the right sort of a camera sure helps!
    I'm going to put in my order for Christmas, I think that this year I've been such a good girl that Santa just might bring me a new camera! lol

  3. @*fitcetera* I am not sure if I know what does it mean Fermi 2, but if you google Michigan Dunes Chicago - you'll se that is next to La Porte, rd No. 90.

    @Darlene Thank you for flattering words.
    I think that it's because of a camera. :-) Actually there are two of them. Chicago pictures was taken with HP Photosmart 618;
    Baltic Sea with FinePix S5600.
    I am sure that Santa will hear you! :-)