Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tomorrow - back to work after two months' oh-la-la...


  1. Oh my, I hope you adjust and have some fun while you're getting used to being back at work!

  2. I am thinking you sound excited - surely not!! But then maybe you actually like your job. It is such a great feeling to love your job.

  3. Hi Darlene!
    Thanks, it was quite good day, and adjusting part is completed today... well, maybe except of my knee. I am still walking with a limp.

    Hi Davine!
    Yes, I do like my job. (50/50) :-) I could better explain to you by email, if you would like to. Also about making your own webpage.

  4. Hi Luize, I would love some advice on the website and also you can explain your job.My email address is

  5. Hi Davine,
    Thank you! I've sent to you an email. :-)