Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dziękuję Gardendiggers

For a blogger one of the most valuable prize is awarded by another blogger, the reader.
Thank you, Gardendiggers!

So pass on the Sunshine Award to my favorite Sunshines. Thank you for your wonderful photos and stories. I enjoy them every day! :-)

My Life For a Year ~ Darlene

*Fitcetera* ~ Karen

Sniffles and Smiles ~ Janine

Magical Places on Tuscany's Coast ~ Elvira

53Buddha's and Me ~ Davine

Wistful Nebulae ~ Antgirl

Something Sighted ~ James

!A - FOTOGRAFIAR - T! ~ Serge


  1. Thanks a lot my friend that's very kind of you. I'm pleased to hear that you like people I took pictures of.
    Take care, again very nice.

  2. Ciao cara sweet of you to send me this beautiful Award....Sunshine...I love it!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You very much!!!!!!!!!!
    un abbraccio elvira

  3. Congratulations and thank you very much Luize. It's a very nice looking award too. This is quite an honor.

  4. Congratulations!!! You certainly deserve this award, Luize! And thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are truly a gracious, generous and most kind friend! Hugs, Janine

  5. Luize I thought I'd responded to this, maybe it was on my site I did... I think that I'm losing my mind in all my studies! :-)

    Quite the honor and thank you. I LOVE viewing your photos, you are an artist with your camera!

    Hope you have a wonderful day filled with sunshine in your heart!

  6. Thank you, Luize. Your blog is beautiful. :D

  7. Thank you so much - this is quite an honour.