Saturday, June 11, 2011

Norway early in the morning


  1. Luize, where have you been? I am shocked to see a post from you and it's wonderful to see you posting again! Norway looks like it's so beautiful, are there a lot of old buildings there? I really like the last photo, is that a train station?

    I hope you have a fantastic Sunday and welcome back to blogger! ;-)

  2. Hi Darlene! Thank you for kind words! I have been here all the time, just sometimes no inspiration.
    Yes, in the last photo, that is a train station. :-)

  3. I'm glad you're inspired again! :-) The train station looks like one from the movies, I love it! Have a wonderful week, I'll be busy getting ready to take a trip tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'll be responding to posts while I'm gone but if time permits I sure will. I'll be posting for sure, this trip to the States is a totally new experience for me, I've never been to Colorado before!